Best Youtube Channels to Keep An Eye On

Youtube is something people go on everyday, mostly because it has something for everyone.

Grace Rowe

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For The Love of Golf
September 20, 2019

In today’s day and age technology and social media is what makes up for our generation, including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and mostly Youtube.

Youtube is such a popular platform, a lot of today’s celebrities and stars we love started from Youtube and still continue to make funny, helpful, inspirational and cool videos just for us to watch. One thing is, with all the variety, exactly should we watch?

“I enjoy watching Emma Chamberlain because she so funny and just keeps it real, I always get a good kick out of her videos,” sophomore Alyssa Colpaert said. “I also like Summer McKeen because she does a lot of makeup videos or day/night routine videos that I actually learn a lot from, like certain tips to make my skin clearer or cool makeup tricks.”

Youtube has a long list of people who have millions of subscribers, and there’s a reason why.

According to, travel shows may have been around for a long time, but YouTubers like Louis Cole have permanently changed how they are made. Whereas travel shows used to be about the destination, Cole’s channel is more about him, a vlogger with jokes that have gained him nearly 2 million subscribers.

Whether it’s traveling, DIY, inspirational, humor or anything else, Youtube will always have it.