For The Love of Golf

Logan Schlappi and his love for golf.

Grace Rowe

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Matt Soberano

Logan in the middle of a match

After five years of playing golf, junior Logan Schlappi still enjoys going to practice and games everyday. He has grown up playing and when high school came around, he took the opportunity to try out for the Antioch golf team and made it. Not only that, but ever since he was a kid, his grandpa has been teaching him how to play. 

“It was maybe four or five years ago when I started to get into the sport, I just kind of started playing golf in my neighborhood with the help of my grandpa,” Schlappi said.

He is an outgoing and extroverted person, but when it comes to what he loves, he is down to business and ready to reach his goals by working hard. Schlappi and his team practice down at the Valley Ridge Golf Course in Antioch everyday of the week, besides the days they have matches.

“I like practices because they’re fun,” Schlappi said. “We go to the course and then we normally go in groups of three or four and play some holes. You can talk with everybody while you’re playing golf and you kind of learn from everyone.”

Sophomore Ethan Lax, who became friends with Schlappi when he joined the team, has become close with Schlappi.

“He’s a very hard worker during practice and matches and he helps improve all the other player,” Lax said. “Him and I became close friends this year and we help each other out with our swings and other techniques.”

Not only did Schlappi make more friends by being on the team, but he also enjoys practices due to the coaches making them enjoyable and educational.

“The coaches are fun, they help us a lot throughout practices, like we’ll go do driving range days and they will help us with our stances and everything else,” Schlappi said. “The coaches really communicate with the players. They’re not just there to coach, they are also there to create a connection too.”

With Schlappi’s easygoing and communicative personality it makes his teammates more comfortable when going to talk to him, whether they are close friends or not.

Sophomore Tegan Martinez, who is also part of the team, enjoys having his company on the course.

“Logan is one of the easier people to talk to on the team, so having him there and being able to ask him for advice has made the season go a little easier,” Martinez said. “Him and I aren’t that close of friends, but he is someone who is fun to be around especially at practice.”

Schlappi will continue to play his senior year too, and only hopes to become better at it each day. With his drive to work hard, have fun and be the best he can be, his senior year will be his best season.