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Keys to success on the course

Three Sequoit varsity golfers explain what equipment they use on the course to find success.
Brayden Cecchi
Senior Ethan Frasch teeing off.

When it comes to golf, the most minor changes can cause the most significant improvements. Whether it is something as little as changing the ball or the irons they use, these are things that golfers have to do to continue their success on the course. There is always new club technology coming out year by year and it improves how the game is played.

Senior Ethan Frasch has been on the golf team since he was a freshman. He has found what equipment works best for him in his four years on the team. Frasch has changed the clubs in his bag many times to find the right fit for his swing. Frasch now swings the Callaway Apex irons that he has had fit to him. The irons have allowed him to bring his game to new heights. Frasch has found the right ball for his golf swing as well. To land a ball on the green, it has to spin just enough and compress just enough for it to travel the distance it needs to. 

“Taylormade TP 5X, I like the way it feels it spins the right amount for me,” Frasch said. 

Senior Donald Barnett has also played varsity golf since he was a freshman at Antioch. Barnett has been the varsity number one golfer all four years of high school and knows what it takes to win at the highest level. Barnett’s favorite club to hit in his bag is his eight iron. He feels that he can always strike the ball well and has the most confidence with it when he stands over the ball. The equipment that Barnett has used like his clubs, gloves and shoes has allowed him to play at his highest potential.

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“I still play the same balls, I’ve probably gone through like 12 gloves this year,” Barnett said. 

Senior Dawson Gutke has played golf all four years of high school and this year is his first on varsity. Gutke is a multi-sport athlete and does not play golf year-round like Frasch and Barnett. Gutke has shown that he is well capable of holding his own on the varsity level. Gutke likes his nine iron the most and feels he has the best chance of hitting a good shot whenever it is in his hands. 

“The most I do is putt on the green to understand how the greens will be,” Gutke said. 

Having confidence in the equipment you use is crucial to success on the golf course. Gutke, Barnett and Frasch have found this throughout their four years of high school golf. The Antioch golf team looks to finish up their already successful season strong and is striving for an NLCC championship this fall. 




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