What’s In Your Bag: Boys Golf

Tegan Martinez tells us what he keeps in his golf bag.

Ryan Komers

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Out of all the sports golf has a bag like no other, you may wonder what one may keep in there bag to be prepared. Most athletes have a key item that they keep with them to help them perform to the best they can. In golf a players bag can be filled with as much as they want and up to thousands of dollars worth of equipment. To get an idea, golfer Tegan Martinez, keeps a few items that he believes helps him, 

“My biggest item, Probably my airpods because I just gotta keep those everywhere I go so I can listen to music while I’m on the course,” Martinez said. 

There are also some unique things in his bag.

“We need to keep a pencil in there to keep score,” Martinez said. ” I think that’s different because most of the time you’re not writing in most sports.” 

 When it comes down to the match there’s one thing that Martinez believes physically helps him.

”Probably my glove it just makes me more comfortable than without it and helps keep my calluses away.” Martinez said.

Depending on the player, there are many things that can change your game, and in golf It’s just as a mental game as physical. So what a player keeps in there bag can change the game.