Sequoits Defend Against the Rams

On October 4, the Sequoits defended their homeland against the Grayslake Central Rams.


Valerie Rosek

Quarterback Athan Kaliakmanis catches the ball in warmups to prepare for the game.

Last Friday, the Antioch Sequoits defended their home against the Grayslake Central Rams. The offense only produced two first-half touchdowns, however the defense stepped up with a big first half shutout. 

Junior quarterback Athanasios Kaliakmanis scored the first touchdown running the ball into the endzone. Sophomore Andrew Bowles scored the second touchdown with a pass from Kaliakmanis.

The Rams attempted to hold back the Sequoits, but were unable to tame them as they kept continuously running the ball and gaining yards closer, and closer to the end zone. 

“It took us a little bit to get into the flow of things, but once we gained some momentum we started to gain the lead,” junior Lucas Bentley said. “In the first quarter we were slow, but once we pushed the ball down the field we figured out we had to step it up.”

In the second quarter, Kaliakmanis sustained an injury due to an awkward landing he took, which unfortunately broke his collarbone and is now out for the rest of the season. Junior Evan Day came in for Kaliakmanis and two touchdowns were scored.

“I felt like, given the situation, the offensive line and the defensive line really stepped it up after Athan was injured,” Day said. “It’s really unfortunate to have him out because he was such an asset to the team.”

Antioch shutout the Rams for good taking the win 34-0. The Sequoits are looking to add a win under their belts this weekend as they play Round Lake at home this Friday.