Football Gets Another Win

Another win for the varsity football team makes their record 4-1 on the season.


Valerie Rosek

The Sequoits got excited when their first touchdown of the game was scored.

The Antioch Sequoits faced off against the Grant Bulldogs on Friday, September 27.

Junior captain Athanasios Kaliakmanis started off the game strong by handing the ball off to senior Brandon Reynolds, who then took the ball into the end zone and scored a touchdown within the first five minutes of the game. 

The Sequoits continued to score touchdown after touchdown using their aggressive offense to their advantage. Sophomore Andy Bowles also scored, putting the Sequoits further in the lead.

“I think that we all played really well overall, but I feel that we have a lot that we can still work on,” junior Dino Kaliakmanis said. “There is always room for improvement and even when you have a team that seems perfect, there is always something to learn.”

Junior Alexander Kutcher made a huge interception, making the crowd go crazy, however, it unfortunately ended up getting overturned because the referee inadvertently blew the whistle.

“I think that we need to lower the amount of penalties we get on offense,” A. Kaliakmanis said. “If we are able to do that then we’ll be looking really good for the rest of the season.”

Towards the end of the game the tension was rising, with the Sequoits still in the lead, both fan sections were as loud as could be. The Bulldogs were struggling to hold back against the Sequoits extreme offense. 

“We didn’t underestimate our opponent that night,” senior captain Treshawn Watson said. “We knew that the old rivalry was still there. We knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into and what mindset we needed to have.”

In the end, the Sequoits were able to get the win 20-0. In the Sequoits next game, they will be playing against Grayslake Central at home this friday.