What’s in Your Bag: Boys Basketball

Antioch’s star point guard Kobe Kriese shows off what he takes with him to his games to help him succeed on the court.


Koby Kriese

Krise includes his AirPods, basketball shoes and his lucky sock in his bag to help him perform his best during the basketball season.

In basketball, there are many essentials that contribute towards succeeding on the court. For junior point guard Kobe Kriese, the items he brings with him are for both when he is on and off of the court. 

“I like looking stylish before the game because it makes me feel good wearing shoes that I like,” Kriese said.

The day of the game, Kriese likes to dress in a way that allows him to feel confident throughout the day and, as a result, playing better in the games. As well, Kriese brings his air pods so he can get zoned in before the game. Along with the air pods, he needs his phone.

“I like watching Tik Toks and listening to music while I’m on the bus ride to a game,” Kriese said.

He brings his basketball shoes because they provide him support while he’s on the court. He has many different pairs and he chooses them based on his mood for the game. 

“My basketball shoes make me feel comfortable when I’m playing,” Kriese said.

Kriese also has a lucky sock that he wears to every game. He always wears the same sock and claims he has never not worn it. Kriese feels this is his biggest superstiton. 

Basketball bags differ based on personal preference, but there is one item that every player carries along at that is their jerseys. The jersey is most obvious, but he feels comfortable in it and loves the way it looks. Kriese wears cologne before and after his game since he plays hard. 

 “I always have to be smelling nice before, during and after,” Kriese said.

In the end, Kriese has a wide variety of items that he likes bringing to his games that will overall help him succeed. He looks to take his team far the remainder of the season.