Sequoits Take the Win Over Woodstock North

The varsity football team got a win over the Woodtsock North Thunder Friday night.

Alex Pritchard

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Ending the game 26-0, Antioch football took a win against Woodstock North on August 6, which made them 1-1. The Sequoits had been preparing all week for this game, in hopes to make up for the loss against Lake Forest one week prior.

“All week we studied Woodstock’s offensive game,” junior safety Ethan Holmes said. “We noticed they had a lot of runs up the middle, so we took that into consideration as we tried players in different positions.”

The game started with a quick defensive shut down resulting in a turnover.  Junior Evan Day started the game as the quarterback and generated several big plays off of runs.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of pressure since it was a non-conference game,” Day said. “However, the team wanted to make up for the loss last week.”

The first touchdown was scored by senior Brandon Reynolds, who ran the ball up the middle with 2:57 left in the first quarter, to give the Sequoits six points.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Reynolds pushed through the defense, giving the Sequoits a 13-0 lead over the Thunder. This aggression is what allowed the Sequoits to maintain a shutout against the Thunder.

Junior Athanasios Kaliakmanis started the second half strong by running 65 yards to score another touchdown, while the Sequoit’s help the Thunder to a score of zero on the defensive end. As the game came to an end, Junior Gavin Calabrese rushed a touchdown to make the final score 26-0. 

“The goal for us was keeping up a defensive shutout,” Holmes said. “Woodstock’s last drive almost disrupted our opportunity, but we, as a defense, finished tough.”

The Sequoits had bounced back from the week before and are now preparing for week three against Grayslake North. The boys are looking to create a winning record and are to use this win as momentum for the rest of the season.