Chicago Bears Vs. Detroit Lions: The Comeback Kids

As the NFL season kicked off, the Chicago Bears were able to come back and defeat the Detroit Lions.


Jaxsen Krapf

The Bears practice for the up coming season, leading to Sunday’s win.

On Sunday, September 13, the Chicago Bears took a trip to Detroit, Michigan to take on the Detroit Lions. The first quarter was a defensive game with back and forth incompletions. In the middle of the first quarter, the Lions drove to the Bears’ 15 yard line but were not able to score a touchdown, so they settled for a field goal as they opened up the scoring. The next drive, the Bears battled back and scored a field goal, making the score three to three. 


To begin the second quarter, the Lions made a drive to the Bears’ ten yard line but could not score, so once again, they settled for three giving the Lions a six to three lead. The Bears once again battled back, tying the game at six to six. At the end of the half, the Lions drove all the way down field scoring a touchdown making the score 13 to six. Senior Ryan Komers, who is a Bears fan, had some words about the first half. 


“I was feeling faithful,” Komers said. “[However,] it can be hard to play the game again, especially with no crowds.”


Komers seemed to be correct, as the Bears started to lose both offensively and defensively.  The Lions scored another touchdown, leading the Bears by fourteen. The two teams then went back and forth with scoreless drives ending the third quarter. 


The Bears were able to pick up their game by the fourth quarter. Senior Alex Titus found the game pretty intense.


“At first I was angry,” Titus said. “I thought the Bears were just playing typical Bears football.”


At the beginning of the fourth quarter, senior Blake Wilson also began to lose hope. The Lions scored another field goal, making the score 23 to six. Then, Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky decided enough was enough, throwing three touchdown passes and making the score 27 to 23 in favor of the Bears.. 


“I was on the edge of my seat,” Titus said. “I almost had a heart attack when Detroit dropped the game winning pass.”


The Chicago Bears ended up winning with a final score of 27 to 23 due to a stellar comeback by the Bears offense. Late in the game, even offensive prowess from the teams’ defensive core came into play to give the Bears the win.