Varsity Boys Golf Finishes Regular Season

The varsity boys golf team took a trip to Fox Lake Country Club to take on conference and ended the season not how they wanted t0.


Max Palmieri setting up to hit his next shot.

On Thursday, October 3 the boys varsity golf team competed in the NLCC conference tournament at Fox Lake Country Club. The team was ready to take on their opponents and do the best that they can. At the tournament, the boys did not play as well as they were hoping to with some higher scores than normal, but after it was all done they kept their heads held high. 

Although the team didn’t play well, one player in particular stepped up and that was freshman Donald Barnett. Barnett came in second out of everybody at the tournament and was pleased with his results, but wasn’t enthused about the teams results overall.

“We didn’t play strong in the bad conditions, but I came in second overall,” Barnett said.

Since the team didn’t play very well they came in last place, but they’re going to forget about it and keep going on with achieving their goal. There could have been many reasons the team didn’t play that well, one being because of the weather or they could’ve just been having a bad day.  

“I think we played the way that we did because we just had a bad day you know, in golf you always have those good and bad days,” senior Bryan Deviance said.

Some people on the team had certain strengths and others had certain weaknesses. People on the team such as Barnett had more strengths than weaknesses. 

“Strengths for me was hitting 330 yard bombs and my weaknesses were everything else,” senior Gavin Eldridge said.

The teams next match is the IHSA regionals tournament on October 7. The boys are determined and ready to take on more competition at the tournament. They know that this match didn’t reflect their real potential as a team and can’t wait to show everyone what they can do.