Back and better than ever

Sophomore Nick Day returns to play lacrosse after missing last year because of a devastating injury.


Natalie Labicki

Sophomore Nick Day playing defense against Cary-Grove.

In the spring of 2021, sophomore Nick Day broke his fibula and was out for a total of seven weeks. This injury caused him to miss a majority of the lacrosse season. This injury held back Day for quite a while but was able to bounce back and has been making a lot of progress.

“After a year you can tell Nick has bounced back from his injury,” Coach Pat Swanson said. “He was an All-Conference football player, has been training in the off-season and he has slimmed down and has gotten quicker.”

Day was upset that he missed out on the past season and all of the memories that come with playing a high school sport. There was one main thing that Day missed and it is something he really wished he could have experienced. Day did not get the chance to play lacrosse with his brother. 

Even though Day missed out on the season and playing lacrosse with his brother, he is excited to play this season and to be a part of the team.

“I’m excited about this season because you can tell a lot of the players on the team have been doing offseason training and I am excited to see how much we have improved especially after losing a lot of athletes last year,” Day said.

Day isn’t the only one excited about his return, his teammates are also thrilled to have him back in practices and playing in games. Day has a great personality and is always a good teammate and friend to others.

“I am very excited for Nick to play with us this year,” senior Tegan Martinez said. “He is not only a great athlete but a good personality to have on the team as well.”

Day has been preparing in the offseason and is excited to play lacrosse for the Sequoits. His athleticism and personality will be a contributing factor for the team and Day will for sure be a key player for the team this season.