No re-lax-ing for lacrosse

A Preview into the preparation Antioch’s lacrosse team is taking for the upcoming spring season.


Dana Hong

Sophomore Evan Wickert shooting during an open gym.

Students at Antioch Community High School have been anticipating the return of the lacrosse season, but many have not realized that the season has already begun for the athletes. Preseason is a fundamental building block for success as the months leading up to the season hold a unique significance for each athlete.

Athletes have different views on what opportunities the weeks leading up to the season provide and what efforts can be taken from those perspectives. Junior Nick Day shares what he personally values the most in preparation for tryouts.

“I am determined to improve on my fundamental skills because all improvement is important,” Day said. “Especially as a team.”

Improvement does not happen overnight, but instead occurs over a period when players can hone their abilities with progress upon their faults; the key is practice and the right mindset. Going to the lacrosse open gym hours after school opens opportunities for time to get some practice and build good team chemistry. Junior Jack Holway shares how he takes advantage of these after-school opportunities.

“I have realized that without team chemistry you will not be able to play as a team,” Holway said. “It is difficult to play without good communication between players.”

Lacrosse is a team sport and relationships within the team are able to get stronger the more athletes to get to play with the team. Sophomore Caden Campbell talks about how someone’s athleticism is not the only factor in how good a team plays, but also their overall mental game.

“Having the right headspace can completely change how somebody plays,” Campbell said.

Each athlete has a different training regime for pre-season and lacrosse session is around the corner. With fourth place in the NLCC conference last year, stay tuned for the spring as the Sequoits are able to showcase their improvements throughout this season.