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Sequoits place at IHSA individual state

Albino and Nobiling both place at state.
The Sequoits put on an impressive performance at state.
Natalie Labicki
The Sequoits put on an impressive performance at state.

Last week, four of the Sequoit varsity wrestlers competed at the IHSA State Meet to compete. These four wrestlers were freshman Gavin Hanrahan, sophomore Edgar Albino, junior Caleb Nobiling and senior Evan Vazquez. The wrestlers competed against tough opponents and had a great experience at state. Albino and Nobiling were able to secure third place medals for themselves while Vazquez and Hanrahan, unfortunately, did not reach the podium. Even though these wrestlers did not get a medal, they were happy knowing that they performed well in a tough tournament.

“I performed to the best of my ability while down at state,” Vazquez said. “The competition was very tough and it was a great experience overall.”

Coach Wilbur Borrero was happy with the performance of the group. He believes that the group has grown since the beginning of the season and has seen how they have supported each other and have gotten each other better at wrestling.

I believe the guys continue to grow as a group, they support each other and know what the expectations are from each of them, they’re getting better each and every day,” Borrero said.

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The team has a mix of young and old wrestlers, giving the team versatility. This worked out for the wrestling team and they have each helped lead in times of need.

Our team has a unique combination of experienced wrestlers and wrestlers just learning.  We have maintained our strong wrestlers strong and our less experienced wrestlers have come through when needed,” Borrero said.

Just like any other sport, in wrestling there are certain skills that a wrestler will excel at. There are also certain skills that are more difficult for them, which can make it difficult against opponents who perform well in certain situations

“While looking back on my matches I could have been more aggressive in my first match and used different escapes to get out from the bottom in my second match,” Vazquez said.

While two out of the four wrestlers got a medal at individual state, the whole team still has another chance at a trophy at the team state tournament. The team will head down to state and compete on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26.

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