Setting Up For a Solid Season

The girls volleyball program is preparing for a season of aces, leadership and teamwork.

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As game season for girls volleyball swiftly approaches the Sequoits are working hard to have a strong year. The four levels of girls volleyball are practicing frequently. The team and the coach hope to make it far into the season and they hope they have a great year.

“We took regionals a couple years ago,” head coach Greg Bruns said. “I think we have a chance, if we come together this year, we can do it again.”

All levels have a different dynamic that will be successful if they work together. The girls are very excited for this season alongside Bruns. Everyone, especially seniors, are practicing hard to be prepared for their upcoming opponents and hope to make it to regionals.

“I’m just excited to play since it’s my senior year and get to know people on the team,” senior Ayanna Tommy said. “I feel like we’re going to do pretty well.”

The team has many goals in play to hopefully lead them to victory at regionals. Not only does the program have aspirations as a whole, but the girls also individually are working for their goals this volleyball season as well.

“My goals personally are to get more colleges interested and be able to show off for the colleges that I am talking to right now,” junior Maiah Moll said. “As a team, I just hope that everyone gets better.”

With all the girls fighting for the same end goal and Bruns supporting them, the girls volleyball teams are set up for a fortunate season. Teamwork and dedication are the main elements the team is working on to lead them to many victories this season.