Sequoit girls volleyball hits the season off with a win

The varsity volleyball team had a close game, but ended up beating Marian Central in the last set.


Scarlett Goodluck

Junior Ava Yeager sets a solid serve to Marian Central.

With the volleyball season starting up for the 2022-23 school year, it is crucial to rebuild and regrow the team after losing strong senior athletes; the Sequoit girls volleyball team is doing just that. On Aug. 31, the team had a game at home against the Marian Central Hurricanes. Although it wasn’t necessarily a “clean sweep,” the Sequoits persevered in their last set to prevail against the Hurricanes.

“I thought it was pretty good, it’s better than last week; we had a lot more energy,” junior Ava Yeager said. Although it is still early in the season, the Sequoits are making changes week by week to improve quickly in order to keep up with their opponents.

In the first set the Sequoits played, they were beat 27-29. Marian Central is one of the team’s biggest competitors and there is no doubt that the team would start off strong. However, when the second set came around, the Seqouits were determined to pick it back up. The team did not give up and came out on top at 25-18. Between junior Nora Larson’s serves and junior Brynn Glauser’s blocks, the Hurricanes could not stop the Sequoits. 

“Communication as a whole and just like service, even defense like extending range,” Yeager said.

Throughout the game, the Sequoits upped their defensive play, which is paying off. Putting in extra work throughout the season to work on perfecting certain positions will often help any team get where they need to be. 

When the final set rolled around, the Sequoits knew what they had to do: use all of their techniques to win. After a few collisions and hard hits, the Sequoits won the game 25-23. Marian Central is not in the NLCC conference but still is a great and respectable competitor. The Sequoits are eager to work hard and conquer the upcoming season.