Blizzards Interfering With Sports

Recent weather has caused winter athletics schedules to change.

Cassidy Thomas

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Snow storms have caused complications for student-athletes at Antioch Community High School, but that has not stopped them from getting work done on what others might say is a day off. Although many of the teams seasons are coming to a close, open gyms and practices for spring athletes have been available and have also continued despite the weather.

“I feel like it will be good for us because we don’t lose any time to train and we can get stronger,” freshman track and field participant Matthias Madigan said.

A JV 2 game was cancelled this past Monday, but the girls basketball players made up for it by practicing instead. This will help them prepare for their last regular season game on Wednesday.

“It was not as intense as our other practices, but it was a good time to work on our form,” sophomore girls varsity basketball player Miranda Chamberlin said. “Having a cancelled practice is putting us a few steps back for getting ready for our next game, so it means we have to work extra hard at our next practice.”

Despite the cold weather, the athletes at ACHS have not stopped working to become the best they can be.