Boys Varsity Soccer Loses to Woodstock North

Antioch boys varsity soccer played their hardest against Woodstock North.


The boys gather together as they prepare to take the field.

The Antioch boy’s varsity soccer team faced off against Woodstock North on Wednesday night at Woodstock North High School. The boys started off strong and played with aggressive defense against Woodstock North’s powerful offense, but the Sequoits could only hold them off for so long.

“About twenty minutes in, there was an amazing pass to Brock, our forward, who managed to score a goal,” sophomore Eli Ruano said. “We played [well] for a little longer, but then we had a slip up.”

Woodstock North scored their first goal a little after the Sequoits did in the first half. When this happened, the Sequoits teamwork started to fail and Woodstock North scored their second goal before the half ended.

“I think we were in it for most of the game,” sophomore Aidan Trusky said. “We held our own and were always creating opportunities.”

There was strong defense played by Joey Kestian who cleared the ball numerous times throughout the game. Although the boys kept their defense up, they couldn’t seem to gather their offense. The Sequoits eventually fell to Woodstock North, 3-1.

“We fought hard,” sophomore Troy Coleman said. “In the end, there is not much you can do when the offense isn’t working.”

The boys are hoping to redeem themselves when they go to Round Lake on Thursday night to play the Round Lake Panthers.