Brown Drives Toward the Green

Even though qualifying for sectionals three times in a row might be enough for most people, senior Samantha Brown has a desire for even more achievement in the upcoming girls golf season.

Growing up with a grandfather who lived and breathed golf made a huge impact in Brown’s life; he became the reason Brown started to take an interest in golf. Little did she know, this would make all the difference later in high school..

“When I was a little girl [my grandfather] would take me out golfing,” Brown said. “[He would] teach me a few new things everytime we went out.”

Golf didn’t always come easy for Brown. Every athlete experiences a low point in their career, but Brown does everything in her power to avoid any slumps she may get into before her matches.

“In order to get better, I put in a lot of time in the off-season to work on my swing on the driving range and spent countless hours on the putting green,” Brown said.

Browns hard work and determination does not go unnoticed among her teammates and coaches; some even say she is the most influential.

“[I admire]  her determination,” sophomore Ally Olsen said. “She always is really positive on the green.”

Although she practices her skills on the green, Brown’s attitude needs no adjustments as she always brings energy to matches.

“She is always super encouraging and is someone I look up to,” junior Emily Pedersen said. “She always pushes us to do our absolute best.”

Brown has already had an amazing high school golf career at Antioch. Last season, the girls golf team competed in several tournaments and within the tournaments Brown has competed in, she has placed well among other athletes from various schools.

“We went down to a tournament in Metamora and I ended up placing sixteenth overall with a 91,” Brown said. “At our last tournament I ended up placing second with an 89.”

The future is extremely bright for Brown. Although the season has just started, she already has high goals set for herself and the team.

“I’m hoping to be able to lower my average score and qualify for state,” Brown said. “In order to achieve these goals, I will need to focus most of my time [on] golf.”

Since it is Brown’s last year playing golf for the Sequoits, she hopes to further her golf career after she graduates high school.

“I would love the opportunity to play collegiately,” Brown said. “If that does not happen, I will continue to play for fun with my friends and family.”

With the 2018 season coming up fast, the girls are looking for huge success in their season and Brown is looking for another chance to advance to state.