CHICAGO BULLS: Bulls Streaky Start

The Chicago Bulls kick off their season with a winning record.

CHICAGO BULLS: Bulls Streaky Start

Currently the Chicago Bulls have a 10-7 record. Their new players like Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade are fitting in very well with the team’s style and work ethic. The Bulls are currently on a one game losing streak, after losing 90-96 to the Lakers on Wednesday night. The Bulls have some key victories throughout the season with a blowout against the Blazers and a very close win against Dwyane Wade’s former team, the Heat.

Jimmy Butler has been huge this season, and has become the team’s leading scorer. Butler also ranks tenth in the entire league in points per game. Newcomer Rajon Rondo leads the team in assists, while Taj Gibson is the team leader in rebounds. Robin Lopez, another newcomer, is one of the best shot blockers in the league, and leads the Bulls with an average of two per game.

The next few games will be a rough stretch for the Bulls with tough games against the Spurs, Heat and Blazers all in the next week. Though these games will be tough, the games will all be played at the United Center, so the Bulls should have the upper hand.

Students of Antioch have some strong feelings for the Bulls, like senior Bryan Ortiz.

“I really hope that the Bulls keep this streak going,” Ortiz said. “I really would like to see them in the playoffs this year.”