The appeal of both collegiate and professional sports.


There are two types of public athletes—professional and college—both with committed fans, nationwide coverage and different missions.

First, there is the concept of who the team is made up of. For example, college athletics allow for new faces every year, unlike professional sports who have players with extended contracts. With this, professional sports see repeats of star players or team records. Also, professional athletes have more years of experience, meaning that their performances seem seamless and easier to watch.

“I think that college sports are more exciting because there are new faces and new names every year which makes it exciting to watch,” Antioch Community High School alumnus Brandon Lind said.

One of the most important factors that make up the two type of athletics is the atmosphere. Athletics in college allow for a more family-oriented connection. There is the campus town feeling with all of the tailgates coinciding with game day. There are personal connections with the players, families and the workers. They are able to bond through collegiate news, home traditions and old rivalries.

One famous sports event, March Madness, is one of the largest collegiate events that fans get involved in. Professional sports have this championship setting near the end of the season with famous games like the Super Bowl that draw in millions of viewers globally. Professional sports also have the benefit of seeming more elite and held up to a higher standard. For example, professional athletes are paid for their commitment and their experience fuels the speed of the game.

The atmospheres are also fueled by how they are perceived by the public. Both athletics have their own type of fame. College sports may be on a national level, however professional sports are covered primarily and extensively by the media and are always shown first on the news. There is a surplus of merchandise for every professional team and most teams are centrally located in each state’s most popular city. The National Football League has also used their national platform to their benefit, endorsing games such as Madden and integrating their audience with fantasy football leagues gaining millions of viewers.

In the end, college and professional athletics offer different types of audience entertainment and player experience that is intriguing to different people.