Sequoits Shut Out in Season Opener

    Girls soccer lost to kick off spring season.


    The varsity girls soccer team kicked off the 2019 season March 12 with a loss to Deerfield High School. Initially, things didn’t go as planned. Deerfield was able to score quickly in the first 2 minutes, but Antioch quickly banded together.

    One pivotal play was performed by junior Samantha Champney, who was taking a penalty kick, but kicked it to Deerfield allowing them to gain possession of the ball over the Sequoits. The Sequoits took this to heart and during the second half of the game senior Isabella Mateja, who normally plays forward, moved to defense in order to stop the Warriors from scoring another goal.

    In the end, Deerfield shut out Antioch 4-0, but the team hopes the opening won’t set a trend for the two months left in the season.

    “We are all excited for the rest of the season as we think we have a good group on this team and that we have good potential,” senior Rebecca Brnot said. “We have a lot of room for improvement and Deerfield was a good challenge for us.”

    The girls at their first home game against Zion-Benton High School at 6 p.m. on March 18, 2019.