Weber Takes to the Net with High Expectations

Although volleyball only requires a net and 12 people, it is a complex sport that involves quick reflexes and high flexibility. Senior Grace Weber is a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball court.

Weber started playing volleyball in the sixth grade at Antioch Upper Grade School and then advanced to club volleyball with the Stateline Volleyball Club. She has continued to play the sport ever since, but will not be continuing in college. As far as this season goes, Weber hopes it’ll be better than her last and loves what the sport has to offer.

“I love how volleyball is a team sport and I never get bored because no matter what you’re always moving,” Weber said.

When the team is out on the court, one can find Weber playing outside, which is located on the left side when facing the net. She loves the action the position entails, especially that is combines both front and back row duties. Each team member had their own responsibilities in order to secure a win for the team. Teammate and senior Rachel Phillips knows that Weber can perform when needed.

“Grace is a team player because whenever the team isn’t working together she’s the first to notice and always uses her positive attitude to bring the team up and together,” Phillips said.

Her teammates are not the only ones who support her, as her biggest supporters are her parents.

“Grace loves volleyball and gives 100 percent effort to every practice and game,” Jennifer Weber said. “She is positive and encouraging to her teammates.”

When Weber is not participating in high school volleyball, she commits the majority of her time to the Stateline Volleyball Club. However, this time around she has a more laid back approach than usual.

“For this year, I am most excited for playing,” Weber said. “I just want to have fun and enjoy it while it lasts.”

After this volleyball season, Weber plans to commit her time to preparing for college and living out her final year of high school to the best it can be.

“It’s sad that this is my last year of volleyball,” Weber said. “I’ve always enjoyed volleyball in high school and I’m going to miss it a lot.”

To see Weber and the rest of the girls  in action, come to any of the varsity volleyball games.