Consumer’s Guide to Living on a Teenager’s Budget

Most teenagers are restricted from doing activities due to minimal budgets. However, discounted prices everywhere to help teens have a week filled with entertainment and dining options for a low cost.

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A budget shouldn’t limit a teen from doing fun activities. Most businesses are aware of how overpriced products are keeping the youth away.

“Everything seems to be so expensive especially for teens who don’t have jobs and still rely on their parents for money,” junior Kristen Taylor said.

A lot of different businesses offer deals specifically for students. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to scope out these discounts, so here is a week’s worth of dining and entertainment for a teen budget.


There are many restaurants in Antioch that have specials on foods for low costs. Anastasia’s is a very popular restaurant in town and is usually packed due to their delicious American-styled food and pizza. Luckily, they have specials almost daily such as 79 cent tacos on Tuesday, 50 percent off pizza on Wednesday, and all-you-can-eat pizza for $7.99 on Monday. Another popular restaurant is Wings Etc., and they offer their wings for 59 cents on Monday to start the week off right without draining a wallet.

Coffee Craze

Most teens rely on coffee to get them through the early school days, but getting coffee daily can cause a budget to disappear fast. Many often forget about the cafe located right across the street from school, The Latte Cafe. The Latte Caffe has a lot of coffee options for reasonable prices. To appeal to teens, they offer students 10 percent off any purchase, which is a huge benefit when coffee is a daily necessity.

Entertainment Options

Going to movies is one of the most popular activity for teens, but movies can cost up to forty dollars or more, which isn’t realistic for most teens to spend on a regular basis. Both Regal Cinema and Marcus Movie Theatre have deal days on Tuesday for five dollar tickets. This is an extreme benefit nowadays since the even the popcorn can make a movie experience that much more expensive.

Most all museums in Chicago have specific days where the public can get in for free. According to Museum of Science and Industry, Illinois residents can get in for free on February 29, June 1-3 and 6-8, as well as many other dates throughout the year.

Some teens may not feel comfortable driving all the way to Chicago or may not be able afford gas money, so the train is a solution that is safe and easy. But once again, even train tickets can be expensive. According to Metra as well as the CTA, both offer a reduced ticket price to help students have the opportunity to experience more events and fun activities.

Teenagers usually limit the amount of possibilities they can do because of low budgets; however, there are deals for everything everywhere so don’t let the high priced cost of things today keep teenagers from participating in fun activities.