Course Selection Underway for 2016-17

Students, counselors begin arranging academic schedules for next school year.

With half the school year over and counselor meetings commencing, many students are deciding what classes they will take next year. For next year’s sophomore, juniors and seniors, there are a few changes to course selections. These changes include offerings of AP Computer Science, Sports Media, AP Seminar and zero hour gym classes.

Although this increases the variety of choices, it also makes it harder for some students to make decisions.

“When students are struggling with choosing classes, I try to learn more about them and figure out their interests,” counselor Darcy Peck said. “If they are looking to go to a prestigious college, we obviously try to push the AP and honors classes.”

Peck said to choose classes that will benefit and help the students’ future. For example, taking hard classes and electives to only earn credits doesn’t benefit the student.

“The most important thing for students to think about when choosing classes is to think about where their high school path will be leading them,” Peck said.