Creepy Treats to Make Any Halloween Party Terrifying

Halloween treats just got a whole lot scarier.

Machete Cupcakes

  • Make some red velvet cupcakes in Halloween cupcake liners. Top frosted cupcakes with an edible candy machete and some sparkly food gel. The machete decoration and food gel can be found at most grocery stores.

 halloween-machete-cupcakeChloe Grass



  • Really simple and easy recipes to make white chocolate dipped Oreo balls can be found at at Once the white chocolate has dried, use edible food markers or food coloring to draw the pupil and iris along with some red veins.

halloween-oreo-eyeballChloe Grass

People Pie

  • This people pie might seem tricky and tedious, but it’s actually quite simple and quick to make. This can be done with store bought or homemade pie crusts and fillings. Fill the pie crust with a raspberry or strawberry-based pie filling and roll out another thin layer of pie crust. Start shaping the general features of a face in the crust then lay it on top. Once baked, a horrifying yet delicious pie will delight guests.

halloween-face-pieChloe Grass

Tombstone Brownies

  • Use a favorite brownie recipe and use green frosting to pipe on grass. Place on a tombstone toppers and any other candies to decorate the brownie graveyard. Zombie hand cupcake toppers can be found at PaperlyPress on Etsy to make it look like the dead are rising out of the graveyard brownies.


Gingerdead Men 

  • Cut out gingerbread men using any favorite gingerbread recipe. To transform these cookies into the undead, cut off a few cookie ligaments. Once baked and cooled, use royal icing, red food gel, and some creativity to make some dead gingerbread.

halloween-gingerbread-bookiesChloe Grass

“I love seeing people’s reactions to my food,” said junior Mary Cook. Get a big reaction from guests with these five very festive Halloween treats.