Dancing Back to the Top at Huntley

The Sequoit varsity dance team came out on top this weekend at Huntley, getting 1st out of 27 class 2a teams.

After two competitions not going their way, the Sequoit varsity dance team made their way back to the top at Huntley High School this past weekend. 

The team was struggling in the early winter season, but when the new year came, the girls kicked back into high gear, taking 1st out of 27 teams. 

“We were really nervous because there were 27 teams there,” sophomore Haleigh Zenoni said. “Some teams had two routines, so it was important that we were on our game.”

The team arrived at Antioch an hour before they had to be on their way to Huntley to practice their turns. All their turns were synchronized really well which gave them extra confidence going into the competition. The team performing before the Sequoits dropped out, which gave the team more time to practice. They knew they were ready when their name was called onto the floor.

“After we got off the floor, we were so proud of ourselves that we had finally hit our routine,” Zenoni said. “Watching it back in the view room, we finally saw the elite team that we have always been capable of.”

The girls have been waiting all season to come together as a team and accomplish their goals. Their turns were in sync and their dance was performed perfectly to their song.

“It felt really good to know that our hard work has been paying off,” junior Kelsi Sheren said. “We’ve worked extremely hard to get where we are now and we can only get better from here.”

Antioch was the only team to get a score of 90. They beat every team in every division. They exceeded their expectations and regained confidence in their season. 

“We are feeling much better about going into conference,” junior Haley Aitken said. “We aren’t trying to be cocky, but we feel confident in our dance and in each other because we want to prove ourselves.”

The Sequoits have the Northern Lake County Conference competition this Friday at Lakes Community High School. They are looking to win the title for the third time in a row.