Leaping by example

Senior Beth Kamman received the NLCC sportsmanship award for Antioch’s dance team.


Katie Smith

Senior Beth Kamman receiving the NLCC Sportsmanship award.

In the Northern Lake County Conference, an award is given to athletes who portray commitment, embody sportsmanship and dedication over the years. This award is the NLCC Sportsmanship award.

“It is a difficult decision [choosing who receives this award] because there are many talented individuals,” varsity dance head coach Sarah Owens said. “But there are only a few that really embody an NLCC champion.”

At the NLCC dance competition on Jan. 13, hosted by Wauconda High School, the Antioch Community High School dance team placed second amongst the other dance teams in the conference. At this competition, senior Beth Kamman received the NLCC Sportsmanship award. Kamman also received the January Athlete of the month award.

“It means so much to me [to receive the NLCC Sportsmanship award] because it really shows how my coaches think of me as an athlete,” Kamman said. “It really shows how much I’ve improved as a person and how I’ve stepped outside of my shell.”

Kamman started dancing at a very young age and has danced most of her life. Kamman has not always been outgoing and positive and it took a while for her to step out of her comfort zone as a freshman that moved from Lake Zurich, Ill. Moving to a new school can be difficult, but Kamman knew how to adapt.

“I was really shy my freshman year moving from Lake Zurich to Antioch,” Kamman said. “I didn’t really know anyone and I was very nervous to speak up to try to encourage people because I didn’t know how people would react.”

As Kamman wraps up her senior year of high school and her last season on the ACHS dance team, she is able to walk away knowing she embodies a true leader to her teammates

“I would consider Beth a leader,” senior Emma Patel said. “I think she really cares about dancing and she really wants the best for the team so she likes to push everyone.”

Kamman often spreads her positivity toward her teammates along with her hard work ethic and motivation that embody the characteristics of an athlete who receives the NLCC Sportsmanship award.