Do It Yourself: Watercolor Shoes

Start off the season with a unique pair of shoes.

White canvas shoes
Sharpie assortment
Masking tape
Rubbing alcohol

1. Buy a pair of white shoes, canvas material works the best.
2. Take out the laces. The white will pop out against the newly colored shoes.
3. Wrap the soles with masking tape, this will prevent the soles of your new shoes free of the Sharpie dye.
4. Lay down newspaper to keep the surface area clean. The Sharpie does stain!
5. Draw your design! It is best to do smaller, fully pigmented dots. The lighter the dots, the less pigmented the color will be. This will ensure that the dye will sink in and spread evenly. Creativity is key here, but keep in mind the best colors to mix together.
6. Using your pipette, drop the alcohol onto the shoe. Make sure you keep your shoe flat so the alcohol does not stain the sides. Work from the toe to the back, making sure the shoe is covered with the rubbing alcohol. The more alcohol you use, the more it will spread and blend.
7. Wait until your shoes are completely dry before taking the tape off. The drying time depends on how much you wet the shoe.
8. For a stonewashed effect, you can drop more alcohol, but this is optional.
9. Lace up and walk around town in style!