Drugstore Dupes for High-End Makeup

For many, especially teens, it is difficult to spend a lot of hard-earned money on makeup products. There are many items sold at drugstores that are comparable or even better than the expensive favorite.


Ashley Lubkeman

Many makeup products look very similar on the outside. However, its what is on the inside that affects how much a consumer is willing to spend. Variables such as brands, quality, and quantity affects the price a product will go for.

L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara


This mascara not only looks similar to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara on the outside, it also performs just as well, if not better, depending on one’s preference. The Lash Paradise has a similar thick spoolie with an hourglass shape for lots of volume; however, the formulation of the actual mascara is a bit different. Lash Paradise has a thinner formula that prevents the clumpy look on lashes. The Better Than Sex mascara has a thicker formula but still gives a similar appearance. Both are amazing choices, but if one is looking for a more separated and natural look to their lashes, the L’Oréal Lash Paradise is a better choice.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer


Comparable to the classic Benefit Hoola Bronzer, the Butter Bronzer has made a name for itself just based on the amazing formula alone. The Hoola Bronzer has a matte finish, whereas the Butter Bronzer has a more satin finish for a natural look. A very noticeable difference is the summer-y, coconut scent in the Butter Bronzer. As far as formulation goes, the Physicians Formula Bronzer blends more seamlessly on the skin and is a great option for someone just starting to experiment with makeup. There is very little hassle to make the bronzer look blended as it almost does the job itself. 


Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder


Loose powder has gained popularity in the last few years with the “baking” trend. It can be used to lighten certain areas of the face and set the makeup so it lasts longer. One of the most well known high-end powders is the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. While the expensive powder gives a more blurred finish, there are significantly more shades in the Maybelline powder. The end result is very similar between the two; though the formulation is very different, there is a better chance one will find their match. The Maybelline powder is not as fine as the Laura Mercier, but it sets the makeup well and does not look cakey. There is also no flashback like the expensive version which makes it perfect for photos.


Elf Camo Concealer


The cult-favorite Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a go-to for many makeup artists and beginners alike. It has a unique applicator that caused an influx of imitation drugstore products to be created after it was released. Out of all the dupes, the Elf Camo Concealer is the most comparable, with a large applicator and two formulas. There is a matte long wear version for oily skin and a hydrating version for those with dry skin. Depending on one’s skin type and makeup preference, Elf Camo Concealer has more versatility. The Elf concealer also gives the same full coverage as Tarte’s to cover any imperfections and give a flawless look. 


Wet and Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick


Out of all the products listed, this drugstore dupe is the most obvious copycat of its high-end version. Jeffree Star Cosmetics made a name for itself with its outstanding liquid lipsticks. It has a lightweight and non-drying finish with an applicator that fits the shape of one’s lips perfectly. Wet and Wild came out with their own version imitating the packaging and applicator. The formula is also very similar;  they both do not settle into lip lines and are very comfortable. The staying power is identical, since they are both matte finishes. Whether one is trying to save money, or decide to not support Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the Wet and Wild Liquid Catsuit is a great option.