More than Makeup

While some may believe that makeup is used to hide insecurities, there are various other ways it is used to demonstrate creativity and skill.


Alexis Barbosa

Makeup can come in many different forms and used in different ways. Eye shadow, bronzer and mascara can also be an art form to some.

Makeup has been used for centuries, but there has been a common belief that it is used to hide imperfections. While the goal of makeup can be to change appearance, many people today are using it as an art form or creative expression; this is not limited to special effects makeup as seen on television. Many treat their face as a canvas to create art. Famous social media influencers have demonstrated that makeup does not discriminate and that any gender can be creative. 


According to Cosmopolitan, colorful eye looks are the top trend of 2020, along with animal print and neon colors. Shows like HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ have also demonstrated that makeup can still be used on men and not change their gender identity. This shift in beauty has been seen not only by celebrities and influencers, but also by amatuer makeup artists. Some students involved in art classes at Antioch Community High School have used makeup to branch out from conventional forms of art. 


“When doing [makeup] on the face or skin, there is so much more you can do that a canvas wouldn’t be able to create,” junior Samantha Bradley said. “Makeup is like painting, only it’s your face instead of a canvas.”


A difference that Bradley explained between traditional art and makeup is the guidance a face gives the artist. Rather than a flat surface, it is three-dimensional with different features to conceal or accentuate.


“The features of the face allow you to focus on those parts almost like a guide to create your artwork,” Bradley said. “Makeup is an art form and it is done for fun, it can make you feel confident in other ways.”


Makeup can bring people confidence, whether it is to change one’s everyday appearance or create something special. The skill and patience required to paint a canvas or make a statue is also applied in makeup. The artwork is able to come to life to be shown off.