Eminem Starts The New Decade With A New Album

Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, released his eleventh studio album.


Reagan Brewer

Eminem's new album is an aspect pf music many have not seen before. the music flows together as if there is not stop between songs.

Marshall Mathers, known as “Eminem” released his eleventh studio album January 17 2020 titled “Music To Be Murdered By”.  The album was released by Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records and Shady Records. Music To Be Murdered By was never mentioned or promoted by Mathers’, surprising fans with its release.

Music To Be Murdered By, features many well known artists such as Juice Wrld, Ed Sheeran, Don Toliver, Young M.A. and more. According to a poll done by “Variety”, 98 percent of users like Mathers’ new album. Within the first week of the album coming out, five songs from Music To Be Murdered By made it onto Spotify’s Top 50.

Mathers’ album features his typical rap and hip hop, but also introduced another genre known as horrorcore, which is known to be dark and have a more violent feel.

An Instagram poll that was conducted showed that 33 percent of people who answered said they did not listen to his newest album, while 67 percent said that they did.

“Godzilla was my favorite by far,” sophomore Roberto Dominguez said.

 Mathers’ song “’Godzilla’” features late artist Juice Wrld and is currently ranked number three on Spotify’s United States Top 50.

While Music To Be Murdered by has received a lot of positive feedback among listeners, there has also been a very large amount of negative feedback.

“It was the worst album by Eminem yet,” sophomore Reino Hill said.

Many people had the same opinion as Hill, and one of the main factors of the reason why Music To Be Murdered By has had controversial reviews is because Mathers’ mentions the bombing of Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

According to BBC News, listeners “feel sorry that the rapper has to resort to shock tactics” in order for people to listen to his music. Singer Ariana Grande has yet to comment anything about Mathers’ mention of her in his album.