Environmental Club Spreading Awareness in Antioch

The ACHS Environmental Club pays great attention to what the Earth needs, and uses their club to act accordingly.


The Environmental Club at Antioch Community High School contributes Earthly awareness in school and in the community. They started off with fewer members, but much has changed since then. With each passing year the club changes their focus to what the environment needs. Recycling, composting, carbon emissions; Environmental Club covers many concepts in order for Antioch to become more environmentally friendly.

“I feel like I’m a lot more connected to the community now,” club president Marcella Rivera said.  “I can go into the businesses and it feels like they know me.”

The Environmental Club is in the process of getting ACHS a composting system put in place.  Composting is the act of converting food and plant debris into compost, used for fertilizing land. 

“We want to work with the foods classes so that when there’s waste, instead of going into the garbage, we put it in the compost bin,” club advisor Stephen Rose said. “Over time it turns into usable soil.”

The world and environment is changing rapidly and the Environmental Club wants to spread this awareness to Antioch. Creating change in the community in regards to how the Earth is treated and affected by ACHS is important to Environmental Club members.

I think education is where we need to really hit hard,” Rivera said. “Teaching everyone how to properly take care of the environment, take care of their school and take care of their trash bins.”

ACHS is the core of where the environmental movement began. Starting on campus was a big step towards community-spread awareness.

“The biggest accomplishment of last year’s club was starting the Antioch recycling at the school,” Rose said. “Looking at what is being recycled and making sure stuff that shouldn’t be recycled isn’t being recycled.”

The Environmental Club is working to improve ACHS through addressing current environmental challenges. The club helps to make sure Antioch keeps the environment healthy for everyone in the community.