Fans question Kanye West’s recent behavior

“Ye,” also known as Kanye West, has recently posted several Instagram posts about his family and Pete Davidson; furthermore, he has posted about how he’s bettering himself since the divorce from Kim Kardashian.


Lila Heilig

West has posted many times over the past couple of weeks about Kardashian, Davidson, and others.

Kardashian and West have been arguing over custody of their kids, North West, Chicago West, Saint West and Psalm West. According to, West brought them to Superbowl LVI, where he posted saying how thankful he was that the Super Bowl was bringing his family back together. 

Followers of the former couple are deciding whether they side with Kardashian or West; many West fans are taking his side solely from his music and personality. 

“[Ye] is such an inspirational man,” senior Ethan Lax said.

However, many people side with Kardashian because of how she is handling the situation and how mature she is about it; she is also keeping the kids and their mental health in mind.

“I’m on Kim’s side because she has the right to move on and form a new relationship with people she loves,” sophomore Addison Lane said. “Ye shouldn’t be bringing things to social media, trying to get attention from it.”

West has also been slandering Pete Davidson on social media. He has been making fun of the way Davidson dresses, as well as who he associates with. According to, there were a couple of posts on Instagram talking about how Davidson will never meet West’s kids. 

 West has also made his disputes with Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, also known as “Kid Cudi,” public on social media. According to, West and Mescudi have collaborated many times on songs like “All of the Lights” and “Father Stretch my Hands Pt.1,” and they created an album together, “Kids See Ghosts,” that sold over 140,000 copies. Ye posted on Instagram how Mescudi would not be on his upcoming album, “Donda 2,” and many people were unhappy about this. All of the drama is due to Mescudi being friends with Davidson. However, Mescudi defended himself on social media, stating that he was the best thing about West’s albums.

West has deleted most of his controversial Instagram posts, but some still remain about future music coming out and how he has been bettering himself. He has been thanking people for supporting him through this hard time, stating that he is still learning and working on his communication; he also apologized for his posts about Kardashian.

Some fans worry that West’s erratic behavior is due to his mental illness, as he has Bipolar disorder. Concerns over his safety, and the safety of others, has come into question. However, West’s lack of activity on social media as of now indicates that more is happening behind the scenes.