Finding Safe Fun During COVID-19

Due to COVID, it can be hard to find something fun to do during fall and Halloween time, but some businesses have made safety precautions so guests can still have fun.


Ariana Nikolov

Sophomore Carissa Lozano standing in front of Richardson’s Farm while abiding to new safety precautions.

Many businesses that open for fall and Halloween activities have had to find new ways to entertain this year. Some businesses, depending on the location, have more protocols than others. 

A close and fun option for some during this upcoming fall and Halloween season is Richardson Adventure Farm, located in Spring Grove, Illinois. 

Richardson Adventure Farm has typically included a petting zoo, corn maze, zip line, bouncy pillow and a giant slide. Sophomore Monty Quinlan has enjoyed petting the goats and the alpacas when he visits the petting zoo. 

“I think Richardsons is a safe fun place, even during COVID,” Quinlan said. “There were no protocols that were said when we entered.” 

Others claim to feel uncomfortable in certain activities at Richardson’s.

“Sometimes it was a bit uncomfortable just because some people would be really close to touching you,” sophomore Tiffany Williams said. “You have no idea if they have been in contact with someone with COVID.”

Quinlan and Williams had different opinions on the safety of Richardson Adventure Farm, but both had fun with all the different activities offered to them. 

An option that may be safer for people who are worried about COVID-19, but still want to have fun during fall and Halloween, is a drive-thru haunted house in Lincoln Park. 

According to Timeout, this drive-thru haunted house starts on October 2 in an arcade bar located in Lincoln Park, Chicago, that has transformed its back alleyway into a bone-shaking experience with zombies and more monsters to scare their customers. Visitors can expect a 360-degree experience that involves plenty of fake blood, hair-raising sound effects and realistic props. This could be a good opportunity for people who are a little more cautious about COVID-19. 

Both of these options may give people a different view on how to have fun during these uncertain times while remaining safe and cautious.