Football Vs. Soccer

Although football is the most popular sport in America, things are different around the rest of the world with soccer.

Branden Gallimore

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Carlos Luis

The popularity between football and soccer has been a big argument.

It is a constant debate that will never have an answer; which sport is better, football or soccer? Around the world, soccer is by far the most popular sport, but in America, football overpowers every other sport.

According to a 2007 FIFA study, over 265 million people play soccer worldwide. China, India, and the United States all have 20 million players each. In other countries such as Costa Rica and Germany, 20-27% of their population play soccer.

On the other hand, football is not as much of a worldwide popular sport. But in America, football is by far the most watched sport. In super bowl LI, where the Patriots made the largest comeback in the Super Bowl era, 111.3 million people viewed in on the game.

Football is also popular in Canada and Mexico; compared to soccer, which is popular throughout the entire world. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and football is the seventh.

The debate on whether football or soccer is better will always be an argument among people, there is no real way to decipher which sport is better, but if they are compared by popularity, soccer takes the win.