Get the Most Out of Study Breaks

Shift from being busy to achieving results.

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Choir S.A.F.E.
October 31, 2018

Exams, essays and extracurriculars; at this point in the school year, many students begin to feel swamped with work. About halfway through a semester always seems to be when time flies but weeks drone on. Many of our Sequoits are involved in rigorous classes and extracurriculars like sports and clubs – sometimes it can be hard to juggle all these tasks while keeping life in check and leaving your bad attitude at the door. Not to fear, Sequoits! Though we all may have different methods of study, taking study breaks can be monumental to a study session. Below are a list of ways to make your study breaks more efficient.

Tidy Up:

A neat work environment can be a key factor in the amount of work that you get done. If you find that your study space has become disorganized during your studying, try to get things back in order before you dive back in. This can also help to relieve stress and make your studying a little less tedious.


It’s always a good idea to get up and stretch your legs but this can truly change the mood of your study session. Exercise fuels the brain! Get some fresh air, go for a walk. Do a little dance. This time is yours, regardless of your choice of exercise.

Grab a Healthy Snack:

The most important thing here is “healthy”. Although a Snickers bar might be the easiest snack to grab and go, fruits and veggies are the best bet for your study snacks. Not only will they have a much better effect on your body in the long run, whipping up a cool dish will bring some light and creativity into your atmosphere. In addition, always remember to drink lots of water.

Plan for Next Chunk:

If you already begin studying by pairing chunks of your work time and assignments to be done, this part will be easy. When you take a break, try to bring out the materials you need for your next section. Don’t let your forgotten textbook be the reason you have to stop the thought flow, make sure you get all the necessary materials.

Schedule the Next Session:

Studying, most likely, won’t benefit you the most if you only stop to do it once. While you have some down time, try to map out what assignments you might need to get done. Keep any future major assignments and tests in mind!