Ways to Prepare for Finals

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Choir S.A.F.E.
October 31, 2018

Finals are coming! To some, these three little words may seem like the most daunting on the planet and they might arouse the same panic as an earthquake hitting Antioch. But for others, these words bring thoughts of a long break, frequent naps, and success in school. The goal is the latter feeling. However, in order to get there, we need to find a way to feel the most ready that we can before finals show their faces and the end approaches.

1. Go to peer tutoring. 

Requesting a peer tutor is a quick and easy way to get help on the subjects that might just be going above your head. Find the peer tutor request form in your emails or talk to your teachers about setting up a meeting or two.

2. Rethink your note taking style.

To most, taking notes in class is a pretty daunting task in itself. However, taking good notes can be more helpful than you think. Instead of scribbling down every word that your teacher says, try to take things slow and write down only the most important info. Further, write a short summary of the concept that you studied at the end of the notes to help get an idea of the main ideas. 

3. Study regularly in the upcoming weeks.

Though you might find some help in simply reviewing the semester’s notes the day before the final, spacing out and elongating your studying will hold a lasting effect on your memory and your grade. Start a week or two before so that you can study each subject in depth.

4. Attend “Cramming with Cocoa.”

Though cramming isn’t exactly the style we are going for with studying, cocoa is always a good idea. Even if you feel like you’re more than ready for the exam, swing by the library, grab some cocoa and take a glance with the staff members—they are there to help.

5. Organize a study group.

If peer tutoring doesn’t sound like your style, try getting a group together and battling exam stress in numbers.