Girls Basketball Gets Bitten By the Bulldogs

Even with shots missing, the girls gave it everything they had in an attempt to defeat the Wauconda Bulldogs.


Eleni Sakas

The girls all have their own special handshake to hype their teammates before starting the game.

On Tuesday, January 9, the Antioch Sequoits girls basketball team looked to make a home stand against the Wauconda Bulldogs. The girls came into this game with high expectations and dedication. Early in the game, the Sequoits had many traveling violations. The Bulldogs were playing press defense, forcing the Sequoits to take risky passes that would sometimes result in turnovers and become points for the other team.

Per usual, the girls started to find a rhythm at the end of the first quarter and the second half. Senior Piper Foote got the team rolling with a 3-point shot. Soon after, junior Miranda Chamberlin hit a bank shot. Even so, it was a low scoring first quarter with the Bulldogs leading 10-8. In the second quarter, freshman Avery Larson hit a 3-point shot from the top of the arc. Going into the half, the Bulldogs were up 18-13.

The score was 35-19 at the end of the third quarter, with Wauconda leading. Late in the fourth quarter, Antioch scored 10 points with several players making free throws but ultimately, they lost to the Bulldogs 43-29.

Junior Nayla Loos had some comments regarding the game.

“Although we couldn’t grab the victory, this game had many small victories,” Loos said. “If we can focus on making those improvements every game, we might have a chance to turn our record around.

For senior Kaitlynn Stay, who recently had a season ending injury, her wise words and experience are being used in new ways. Stay also had input after the game.

“We missed a lot of shots and just weren’t mentally ready for the game,” Stay said. “We all just need to focus on personal goals and contribute to the games and we will be successful.

The Sequoits will take this with a grain of salt and keep learning, growing and improving each day.