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Lady Sequoits lose to Lakes

The most anticipated game of the season took place this past Friday, but the outcome resulted in a loss for Antioch.
Julia Kraus
Freshman Heidi Rathmann shoots a freethrow.

The Antioch Community High School girls basketball team faced conference rival, Lakes Community High School Eagles this past Friday, Dec. 2. It was a close game from tip-off to buzzer. Unfortunately, the Sequoits could not get the job done, falling to the Eagles 37-30 and moving to 3-4 on the season.

The student section and crowds on the Antioch side showed out creating an exciting atmosphere. For some athletes, this can add to the pressure of the game, but senior Mia Kaiser embraces the loud crowds and uses it to her advantage.

“I let the crowd hype me up; it makes me feel better and ready to play,” Kaiser said.

Not getting intimidated by a large crowd is viewed as a rare trait for some high school athletes. This shows the type of players that are a part of the team. The team has a large number of highly skilled players and a seasoned veteran at the head coach position in Tim Borries. With this combination, it is hard to count the girls out on being an elite team, in and out of conference

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While the team played hard they had many turnovers which seemed to plague them throughout the game. Senior Callie Bemis acknowledges the turnovers as an area of struggle for the team.

“One of our downfalls is we [need] to learn how to calm down and slow down,” Bemis said.

The girls started to rush when they were being pressed leading to forced passes that resulted in turnovers. They also seemed to struggle to get rebounds, and in a sport like basketball where every possession matters it is essential to limit both.

Even with some struggles, the defense played solid. Only allowing 37 points while they were letting up an average of 50 points per game. Unfortunately, it was the offense that never got warm going 4/28 from inside the arc and 3/17 from the three-point line.

A key to any sport following a tough loss is to analyze what went wrong, make changes and continue to move forward. Sophomore Enza Nawrocki feels like the team lacked in a crucial part of team sports that ultimately cost them.

“I think communication is key,” Nawrocki said. “Next time [we need to talk] more on the court to adjust to their defense.”

In the final minutes of the game, the Sequoits needed to foul to force Lakes to make free throws and waste minimal time on the clock. When the Eagles went to the line, they were able to make the majority of the free throws and put an end to the game.

The team will be circling Jan. 17, for the next time they play Lakes, but until then this can be considered a minor setback for the girls. This team definitely has the firepower to be dominant this year and there is no limit on how good they can become.

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