Girls Basketball Season Comes to a Close

After a rough season, the girls team loses their regional game.


Eleni Sakas

Senior Samantha Brown guards her opponent.

Leading into Tuesday, Feb. 12, the girls basketball team had a 5-21 record. The team was trying to keep their hopes alive, but time was running out for the spark to catch fire and start a hot streak of games.

Tuesday, the girls traveled to Resurrection High School for the first game of the regional tournament. Everything was on the table coming into this game and with a low scoring first half the door was open and either team could win. In the end, the Sequoits lost 49-41 putting an end to their season.

This season as a whole was full of ups and downs, the team was rebuilding and struggled to get real chemistry. The girls suffered a lot of turnovers and miscommunications this season that caused the rough patch. The girls started the season with a 0-6 record until they finally caught traction and won a game. They continued to stumble throughout the season with losing streaks ending with quick victories only to go back to losing.

“The season was a frustrating one with many lows with few highs few and far between,” senior Samantha Brown said. 

Although there are many positive things to take out of this season, the younger girls got much needed experience and they will be better leaders and more strong minded players because of this season. As for the seniors, although not all of them are playing basketball in college, this was their year to evolve as vocal leaders and role models on and off the floor. Everyone will take the experience differently, but how they use the experience is what will make a difference in the long run.

“I enjoyed playing with this team because no one ever gave up,” senior Kaitlynn Stay said. “I had a blast watching the girls play and seeing them progress each and every game.”

Next season the team is looking to be sharp on all edges and dominate in every aspect of the game, winning no matter what.