Robert Kraft Implicated in Sexual Assault Case

The owner was charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution.


A video of the New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, has surfaced and shows him paying a woman to perform sexual acts in a massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida as of Friday, February 22.

“It’s absolutely horrible, this stuff happens all the time,” senior Karina Steitz said.

The 77 year old hasn’t formally been arrested yet, but a warrant has been put out for Kraft’s arrest and his attorneys were notified of the situation. Since the incident has surfaced, Kraft has denied any wrongdoing. The Jupiter police have stated details involving the case will not be released until next week.

According to ESPN, as of recent, sex trafficking has been a huge issue, stretching from Palm Beach to Orlando, Florida. The police have been cracking down on the events and in the last few days, hundreds of warrants have been issued for arrests.

“It should be treated like every other sex trafficking case,” senior Kevin Tebbe said. “Not any different because he’s a team owner and rich.”

Kraft lives in Massachusetts for most of the year as a result of owning the Patriots, but also owns a home in the Palm Beach area. The fans are in disbelief that Kraft was caught in an act of prostitution.

“I’m very surprised,” senior Anthony Sertic said. “Things like this shouldn’t happen.”

As more news is to come, Kraft will likely face a jury.