Girls Track and Field Continue to Improve

The girls track and field team has been looking sharp this season and they look to keep the ball rolling.


Matthew Soberano

Jada Shaputis runs the hurdles at the Sequoits home track.

The Sequoit girls track team has been dominating throughout the conference this season. They have been on a roll and there is no sign of them stopping. With senior Noor Abdellatifs recent signing to University of Illinois, there is a feeling of pride amongst the team as they continue their journey through the season.

There is much promise for the team as junior Ayanna Tommy has been a track prodigy throughout middle school and has lived up to the expectations set for her in her high school career up to this point in the season,

“I feel like it’s going really well,” Tommy said. “Everyone is starting to hit their goals as the season ends.”

The team’s season is coming full circle. While they still have goals to accomplish, the team is confident that they can reach them. The expectation for such a group as the girls track team this year is huge and the pressure is only building as the season goes on. With all eyes on them, the Sequoits are ready to make their final push.

“(I feel) fairly confident,” Tommy said. “I’ve been practicing a lot so I’m excited to see what the end result will be.”

With their eyes on the prize, the race for state is beginning. The girls show no sign of slowing down and they expect nothing less from themselves than a state title.