Girls Volleyball Falls to Richmond Burton

The Sequoit girls volleyball team put forth their best effort in the Regional tournament.


This year, the girls varsity volleyball team has experienced a rebuilding year within their program. With multiple seniors graduating, the team had many spots to fill. Despite this, the team felt confident going into their Regional Championship on Tuesday, October 23. However, with the injuries that occurred during the season which took out some of the starting lineup, the team knew it was going to take hard work and determination in order to come out victorious.

“We were very nervous going into the game,” senior Grace Weber said. “This season has just been crazy with unexpected injuries so we knew we just had to push through it to try and win.”

During the tournament, the Rockets from Richmond Burton dominated the first set 25-15. Since the Sequoits started things off slow, they had room for improvement going into the last two sets of the match.

“I don’t think we played to our fullest potential in the first set,” senior Rachel Phillips said. “We were making a lot of forced errors and it was hard for all of us playing different positions due to some of our starters out because of injury.”

At the beginning of the second set, the Sequoits made a fresh start and began to have higher energy on the court. Gaining an early lead over the Rockets, it soon became a point for point match which eventually resulted in the Rockets winning 25-17.

“We played much better in the second set but it just wasn’t enough to beat Richmond Burton,” Phillips said.

Unfortunately, due to the Rockets winning both sets, the Sequoits were not able to compete in the third set. Thus, the Regional Championship was the last game of the season for the girls varsity volleyball team.

“Overall, I think we had a pretty good season,” senior Katie Vilardi said. “Even though we didn’t get the result we hoped for, we grew closer as friends and improved a lot from the beginning of the season on the court.”