Grayslake Water Supply Leads to Another Concern

Both high schools and local businesses shut down for the day as a result of water issues.


Reagan Brewer

Grayslake residents were affected by the burst in the water pressure because the water was unsafe to use.

The Grayslake Township sent out concerns this morning about their water supply; according to the Patch, shortly after 7:15 am. on Friday, November 8, residents were suggested that all water must be boiled for at least five minutes before use to ensure safety. If possible people should use bottled water for drinking, cooking, washing of any fresh food, hand washing and brushing teeth. 

“They sent a message saying the water pressure burst and my school made an announcement that we are being dismissed,” junior Caitlyn Mikes said. “You cannot use the water to drink for like 36 hours. When we get home you can shower, but you can’t drink it.”

According to the Village of Grayslake, the emergency water effect is for the next 36-48 hours. The concern sparked due to a temporary loss in the system pressure of their water. A preliminary investigation showed that the telemetry system had a malfunction, according to a news release from the Grayslake Village. 

When the problem was discovered immediately the village crews responded by overriding the automatic operating system by manually pumping water back into the system. Following the loss of pressure the emergency effect was sent out to all residences and businesses. All Grayslake schools, including the College of Lake County, were then closed for the day.

“I was just in first period and my teacher read the email to us that said the water broke,” junior Isabella Tabbert said. “Then they announced that we would leave school at 8:45 am.”

According to the Patch all water lines and faucets should be cleaned and flushed to ensure clean systems when the effect is over. Officials have stated that the system is now operating and the pressure should be restored to normal soon, resolving the emergency effect.