Gym Classes Take on Boccer

New PE sport combines basketball and soccer to create a game that interests students of all levels

 A new twist on PE sports is the fun new game that combines basketball, soccer, and the always present team-mentality of PE class; boccer. Boccer was recently introduced to ACHS and incorporated into PE 2 and PE 3/4 Team classes, and quickly became a hit.

“I love playing boccer because it is a combination of my two favorite sports, basketball and soccer, and it can be played with large teams, which makes it fun to play in gym class with all of my friends,” senior Lucas Semitka said.

The general idea of boccer is that players can either pass the ball like a basketball, shooting for the hoop, or drop it to the floor and play it like soccer, aiming for the goal on the ground under the hoop.

“It’s a good PE game that combines different standard games, basketball and soccer, and incorporates many basic sports skills,” said PE teacher Marni Polakow.

The interesting twist on old sports has certainly made boccer popular amongst all of the classes. Students are able to play something new and play a game that allows them to try new skills and strategies to bring their team to victory.

“My class definitely enjoyed boccer, I think all of the other teachers said that they did. The kids actually got into it this year. It’s kind of because there’s no rules– the rule is if it’s on the ground, kick it, if it’s in the air, throw it. The less rules you have on a game I think the more fun it is and they can make it their own,” said Polakow.

And students have done just that. Boccer has proven itself to be an always-changing game that will stick around at ACHS for years to come.