Heartbreak Takes A Toll On The Body

A heartbreak has the ability to cause struggles mentally, while also playing a role in changing how someone takes care of their physical appearance.


Olivia Gerhardt

Either emotionally or physically, heartbreak can do a number on us. Heartbreak is a common experience that a multitude of people can relate to. Even with the struggle of heartbreak, taking care of ourselves can make all the difference between surviving or total tragedy.

The effects of a heartbreak can be more than just emotional. For some, when one becomes heartbroken, it can feel like the end of the world. Emotional struggles can connect the emotional pain to physical. Losing someone important can be too much for someone emotionally, leading them to take less care of their bodies. 

“One physical effect of heartbreak could be when someone has a lack of care for themselves,” senior Aaron Paulsen said. “Sometimes people do not bathe, eat or sleep too much or too little. Someone can also have the lack of care for things in their life, such as work or school.” 

A common physical response to a heartbreak is the absence of an appetite. Some people may experience nausea or cramps due to their heartbreak and can cause them to lose the feeling of the need to eat. 

According to the article, 6 Physical Effects of Heartbreak written by Robyn Reisch, people may have no appetite or may eat compulsively. They may experience nausea, indigestion, severe pains, cramps or even stomach ulcers. When people are in emotional turmoil, our gut often absorbs much of the impact. This is especially true in people who refrain from expressing their feelings, and choose to internalize them instead.

Heartbreak and insomnia seem to go hand in hand. One’s body can be constantly exhausted, but the mind never rests. The lack of sleep can lead to more severe problems, such as depression and anxiety. 

“We start to overwork ourselves and our hormones are released that cause us to feel sick and tired,” sophomore Chloe Kwasiborski said. “When I was heartbroken, I was exhausted and I had no appetite because I was so upset.” 

It is natural for a heartache to cause physical effects on one’s body, but there are ways to prevent it from happening. Being surrounded by friends who will be supportive or practicing a hobby that makes someone happy are distractions that can give the mind the time it needs to subconsciously heal itself.