Highlighting and Contouring Tutorial

Tips On Highlighting And Contouring Makeup.

Recently many people have been contouring as a part of their everyday makeup routine. Contouring and highlighting with makeup adds more dimension to your face by adding highlights and shadows creating more visible cheekbones and even reshaping your nose. Contouring has been around for years and is used especially for red carpet occasions to glam up looks for celebrities. To start contouring and highlighting here are some things you will need to get you started.

Things you will need: bronzer, blush, highlighter, angled contour brush and a brush for blush.

Bronzer When choosing a bronzer be sure to go a couple shades darker than your normal skin tone, also be sure to stick with a matte color since this will be used to create depth. When applying this, apply to the hollows of your cheeks.

Blush When applying blush it should be above the bronzer and blend it in towards the bronzer to get rid of any visible lines.