Hit Hairstyle: The Lob

Shorter hair is now back in style and trend as spring is soon to arrive.

Hit Hairstyle: The Lob

Brittany Bluthardt, Tom Tom Staff

New year, new hair? The easy-going trend is back and in style with an extreme emphasis on low-maintenance and natural. The lob, or long bob, is resurfacing and making a general statement about the beauty standards of today. Short hair can also be beautiful, especially when it takes little to no work to perfect. Many models and celebrities have chopped their locks and are rocking a wavy style that looks sun-kissed and straight from the beach. Adele and Taylor Swift recently walked the Grammy’s red carpet with their rendition of the bob, as well as celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, Lily Collins and Beyonce to name a few.

Most recently, the lob has moved it’s way into the halls of the school and many students are sporting shorter hair. There is no doubt that having less hair contributes to the ease of the look, which is why many women have taken their hair to the scissors. The lob is simple to style because of it’s short length and layers, as well as provides for a piece-y look that grants major volume. Take the hair and run it through a straightener to receive a sleek look, or use styling cream and mousse to get natural waves.

IMG_5089 copy

Senior Brianna Chastain likes to style her hair without heat.

“I love my shorter hair because it is a lot easier to maintain and keep healthy. I usually keep my hair down because it’s naturally straight and that is the easiest way for me to keep it nice and healthy.”

Some women opt for quick and easy heat styling. With heat protectant products available in the market today, like Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray and CHI Iron Guard, there is not nearly as much damage applied to the hair.

Junior Allison Smith, who has been wearing the lob and short haircut this season said, “It is definitely easier to manage and I think it looks and feels a lot healthier short. I like to curl my hair and wear it half up half down when it’s straight.”

The shorter hair is definitely back in season and just in time before spring and summer. The short look may be the best decision for students who have limited time to style and perfect a long hairstyle this semester.