Holding On To the Thrill of Old Fashion Trends

Clothing trends that were popular in the past are now reappearing today.


Gabby Debevec

Natalie Svarc shows off her reappearing fashion trend outfit. Her outfit features mom jeans that were worn in the ’90s. Along with Svarc, many other teenage girls wear outfits similar to this at ACHS.

Fashion trends work in cycles. This happens in part because people’s interests constantly change; each generation draws on inspiration from their predecessors. Clothing trends have reappeared throughout history; when one person wears an old fashion piece of clothing that they like, they set off a chain reaction that leads to fashion trends reappearing. 

“I think fashion repeats itself,” senior Natalie Svarc said. “Fashion from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s has been coming back slowly, but recently it’s been rapidly reappearing.” 

The swiftness of re-emerging fashion trends is inpart due to social media. When people start to see a certain type of clothing worn by famous influencers, they want to wear it too. 

“We’re influenced off of social media and what we see people wear that are influencers to us,” Svarc said. “We see famous people go out of their comfort zones and bring back old fashion trends. People pick off of that.” 

Many fashion styles from the past, including jean jackets, mom jeans and flannels that were popular in the ‘90s have made a comeback in 2019, especially in the halls of Antioch Community High School. 

“I definitely see a lot of mom jeans worn around school,” sophomore Sophia Posey said. “I feel like a lot of people like to wear mom jeans and scrunchies, especially teens. I see a lot of flannel shirts too, now that it’s fall.” 

Clothing trends have died out and reappeared over time. At ACHS, old fashion trends are worn by females and males. Mom jeans and jean skirts were a very popular clothing trend worn by women during the ‘90s that are now reappearing on the females at ACHS. A popular clothing trend worn by men in the ‘90s was flannels and jeans, which are now present in males in the hallways of ACHS as well. However, these old fashion trends are often more prevalent in females because they tend to care more about what clothing styles are popular.  

“I’d say [fashion trends are showing up] more in females because with guys it’s harder for them to jump out and try something new, to see what’s different,” sophomore Joaquin Barba said. 

Although some people are able to recognize when they are wearing fashion trends from the past that are unique, others wear certain styles of clothing because that is what the majority of people are doing. Many do not even realize that a trend was worn many years before. Realizing when certain clothing trends are making a comeback can help people understand fashion cycles throughout history. 

“I think a lot of people just wear [clothing trends from the past] because that’s what’s trending,” Barba said. “They don’t like to see where it came from or who used to wear it before. Some of them might know what types of clothing is ‘90s fashion or ‘80s fashion.”  

Fashion trends are constantly repeated throughout history. Even if the fashion trend is not obvious, it can still be considered as an old fashion trend. Some teenagers could be wearing the same things that their parents wore when they were their age.