Homecoming week events and activities

From activities to competitions, themed dress days to bonfires, Homecoming week brings exciting activities and events to ACHS.


Grace Semple

Katie Quirke and Joaquin Barba were chosen as Homecomig queen and king

Everything this year seems to be a little sweeter now that most activities are back on after a disappointing year off. One of the events that Sequoits have been looking forward to is the Homecoming dance. This also includes the week of activities leading up to the fall dance where students are eager to have a great time. 

Sequoit Senate sponsor Laura Tielke helped in planning many of the activities.

”I just think kids look forward to the week,” Tielke said. “We have fun activities planned and we end with the dance.”

The first event is the Powder Puff girls football game on Oct. 12. This activity offers girls from every grade level a chance to play against each other. The freshman will be playing the sophomores, while the juniors will be playing against the seniors. The freshman and sophomore game will start at 6:30 p.m. and the junior and senior game will start around 7:15 p.m. The games will be hosted at the football field.

Junior Riley Robison is excited to take the field on Tuesday after missing out on last year’s game. 

I look forward to powderpuff this year because I did it my freshman year and it was fun and a great bonding experience,” Robison said. “I was bummed that last year, it didn’t happen.”

Antioch will host the annual Homecoming parade and bonfire on Thursday, Oct. 13. The parade is a great activity for students and family members looking for a fun time. After the parade, the football field will house a bonfire and other activities. The parade starts at 6 p.m. the bonfire immediately follows.

Junior Monty Quinlan believes the parade and pep rally during homecoming week to be important.

”The Homecoming parade is an important thing for homecoming week because it just brings the town together,” Quinlan said.

To cap off the week, Sequoit football will be playing Round Lake on Friday, Oct. 15th. The thrilling showdown will kick off at 7 p.m; The theme for the game is blackout to pinkout. 

Homecoming week is what many students look forward to during the school year. The week is unique, making it special to students. The masquerade-themed dance on Saturday is the cherry on top for students who are eager to “shake it off.”